• Up to 80 Km/h
  • Up to 240 km of autonomy
  • From 0 to 50 Km/h in 5,8 sec
  • Charge in 5h
  • 5,1 Kw power

Comfort & manageability

The Model E100 is perfectly suited to urban use, providing comfort and confidence throughout your journeys. It also has a low centre of gravity which allows for superior drivability compared to equivalent internal combustion maxi scooters.

At RED Electric, there are no concessions or compromises when it comes to quality and durability.


Up to 4 batteries simultaneously for maximum performance. The batteries are used in symbiosis, which drastically extends their lifespan. Up to 2,000 cycles, which is four times longer than other batteries on the market.


The Intelligent Multi-Battery Management system offers intelligent management of the on-board batteries. It monitors engine power in real time and distributes energy demand according to the available capacity of each battery.


The Model E features a waterproof, 7-inch backlit display that shows all the data you need. Certified to IP65, the display is fully protected against dust and water intrusion.


With its wide double seat for more comfort and high quality suspension for ease of riding in all circumstances.
Your journeys will be more pleasant than ever.

OUR DESIRE TO RELOCATE                                                               

After several years of producing our Model E in Asia, we have taken the decision to relocate our assembly to France. This monstrous challenge started for us in 2021 to continue our mission. All our teams are based in France, so it is natural to put all of our energy into having French production.

We want the best quality, the best product and the best service for you.

Our goal is to meet your needs because you will always be our priority.